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June 17th, 2006


Gosh, what a busy bee I've been! Two exams down.. three horrific ones to go. Party next saturday, Pirates and Fairies theme!! I'm always a fairy, so I've got a wicked pirate costume for this one, quite looking forward to it!

Things on the possible boy interest are ok, saw him a few times in the week, he's very lovely but we didn't talk much!! We did have fun in the sun though, we talk about such random crap, I love it :)

Got my Dad some more plants for Fathers Day. We picked a really tall sunflower and some Clematis, bless him, he had plants for his birthday last week aswell! Also he booked a huge table at the Spyglass for my 18th birthday meal. AND my Mum has agreed to giving me a free house for a mini party on the Friday after my birthday.. wayhey! So overall it has been a good day!

Oh, and we're going to the beach tomorrow!! And my room is also finished decorating wise, I can sleep in it now! I love my new bed :) I will post pictures soon!

I also felt naughty and bought a few things in the sale on ASOS, and totally took advantage of a further 15% off! goodies!Collapse )

Yeah, I feel quite positive today despite exams looming.. ah well, roll on 28th June!!!

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